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Audience Response Systems from ShowMode

Audience Response System Keypad

Involve, Engage & Interact With Your Audience

We are audience response system specialists and we have years of experience in audience response voting technology and interactive presentations.

We offer fully supported audience response system rental solutions for the events, meetings and conference industry. We also offer purchase solutions for corporate, government & educational end-users.

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Make Your PowerPoint® Presentations Fully Interactive

With ShowMode you can Rent or Buy the latest in audience response system technology - the cost-effective way to engage and get instantaneous feedback from all of your audience.

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Audience Response and Voting Explained

Audience Response

What is an audience response system?

Simply stated, it is a combination of hardware and software designed to add interactivity to meetings, conferences, classrooms or other group interactions. There are a range of terms used to describe an Audience Response System - sometimes referred to as its acronym ARS, electronic voting system, audience response or Student Response System.

How do voting keypads work?

Each person in the audience is issued a wireless voting keypad with which voting selections can be made. Each voting pad communicates wirelessly via a USB receiver which is connected to a voting computer. When the participants have answered and the voting has closed the aggregated data/results can be instantly displayed 'on the main screen' (usually via a data projector or plasma screens).

Audience Response Gives Everyone a Voice

There are many reasons for the use of audience response systems. The tendency to answer based on crowd psychology is reduced because, unlike hand raising, it is very difficult to see which selection others are making. Audience Response also allows for faster tabulation of answers for large groups than manual methods.

Audience Response System & Electronic Voting System

Benefits of Audience Response

Audience Response offers many benefits when compared with traditional presentation techniques, including:

Audience Response Rental Services:

Audience Response Rental

Fully-Supported Rental

We undertake the production, interactive presentation programming, onsite operating and post-event reporting. We also provide the agreed number of our ResponseCard voting keypads along with our voting laptops & software to run the interactive presentation sessions.

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Audience Response Hire

Equipment-only Rental

We ship our Audience Response System to you - which will include voting keypads, an RF Receiver and plain lanyards. We give you access to the PowerPoint bases voting software to build your interactive presentation. After the event you simply return the system back to us via a tracked courier.

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Buy TurningPoint - The Award Winning Audience Response System

TurningPoint is the most portable, most user-friendly and most cost-effective Audience Response System available on the market. TurningPoint integrates 100% into Microsoft PowerPoint®, allowing presenters to create multiple-choice questions on PowerPoint slides for the audience to answer using state-of-the-art wireless Voting Keypads.

TurningPoint ResponseCard RF voting keypad

ResponseCard RF

An ideal option for all groups it works perfectly in any size room. An accessibility version is also available for visually impaired users.
TurningPoint ResponseCard RF LCD voting keypad

ResponseCard RF LCD

An RF handset with a small LCD displaying useful info like your channel or submitted vote. This makes things really easy.
TurningPoint ResponseCard NXT voting keypad

ResponseCard NXT

Introducing the cleverest ResponseCard yet… Allows self-paced testing and text entry.
TurningPoint ResponseWare


A revolutionary system that enables users to respond and participate via the web or on smart mobile devices.
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