Equipment-only Audience Response System Hire

How does the service work

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If you're an experienced TurningPoint audience response system user and you feel confident in running interactive sessions on your own, then our audience response equipment-only / dry hire rental service could be the ideal and cost-effective solution for you.

Alternatively if you haven't used the system before and would like to download and try the polling software to see whether this is something you would be comfortable using on your own, then you may download an try the full version of the software by clicking here.

When you use our equipment-only service, we will simply ship our Audience Response System directly to you. This will include the set number of Radio Frequency voting keypads, RF USB receivers and copy of the TurningPoint Software.

Typically we aim to ship the system to you a couple of days before your event, so that you have time to test your interactive presentation with the keypads. Once your event is over you simply arrange for the prompt & secure return of the system to us via courier.

Is Equipment-only rental the right solution for me?

These questions may help:

Try the PowerPoint Audience Response software:

  • Are you a confident Microsoft PowerPoint user?
  • Have you downloaded, tried and feel comfortable using the TurningPoint PowerPoint based polling software?
  • Do you have the time to program your own voting questions?
  • Do you and the presenter(s) feel comfortable running the presentation on the day using the polling software and voting keypads

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