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Our most frequently asked questions on our fully-supported audience response system rental service

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Our most frequently asked questions on our equipment-only audience response rental service

How does your Audience Response System work?

Our interactive audience response system consists of wireless radio-frequency credit-card sized keypads and a radio-frequency receiver. The system allows an audience to vote/respond to on screen multiple choice questions.

In its simplest form - the presenter/speaker simply asks a question, the audience submits their response on the interactive keypads, and then the results are displayed live on-screen for everyone to see.

How does the audience use the interactive voting keypads?

Our keypads are very easy and simple for delegates to use. The audience simply:

  • Selects their response(s) from the keypad buttons
  • The keypad 'blinks’ green to confirm their vote has been received.
  • If the user needs to change their response they can do so by simply keying in their new response option (the system will only count the last option entered)

We provide a simple ‘how to use the keypad’ introduction slide which explains the above. We also often recommend using an informal light-hearted practice question at the beginning of a session. This allows the delegates to familiarise themselves with the keypads and the voting process.

How much time does it take to get an audience's response 'on-screen'?

As soon as the polling/voting of a question has ended, the results are displayed live ‘on screen’ for everyone to see.

Whilst the audience are submitting their responses, an on-screen ‘response counter’ shows the number of keypads that have voted – this allows the audience and the presenter to see how many people have responded.

We can also use animated ‘countdown timers’ to encourage participants to cast their votes within a set time period of time (i.e. 20 seconds).

How is collected voting data displayed ‘on-screen'?

After the voting has closed the captured voting data can be displayed live ‘on screen’ in a chart format (i.e. pie chart, vertical bar chart, horizontal bar chart etc.). We can design and program the interactive presentation so that the colour of the slides and charts fit within your brand guidelines and/or slide master/template).

Can individual participant responses be tracked/identified?

Yes, each keypad has a unique keypad identification number that allows us to assign specific keypads to individual delegates and then track their responses.

We can print personalised labels to stick onto the back of the keypads with the delegate’s full name - so they take ownership of that keypad for the duration of the event.

As an alternative to tracking individual delegates, you may want to ask demographic questions (such as what is your role, gender etc). By asking a demographic question it is then possible to segment the voting data by that demographic and view the comparisons (i.e. view the varying responses from males when compared to females).

How long do you require onsite to set-up?

This depends on the venue and the number of participants/keypads at the event. Typically we can usually set up our voting system in under 60 minutes.

How many keypads can I have?

There are no restrictions. You could have as few as 10 for small meetings to 2,000 for a large conference.

How long does the audience have to answer a question?

It is entirely up to you.

A countdown timer can be shown to countdown a specific timing for votes, alternatively the vote can be left open until you decide to close it.

What events/venues can you handle?

We’'re are very experienced at what we do and we’ve worked on a broad range of events in a variety of different countries and venues.

Our trained audience response system operator's have managed events at many different venues including: large hotels, International conference centres, exhibition areas and even stadiums!

We can handle events of any size, so let us know the exact details and we’ll be happy to offer you a competitive quotation.

How adaptable are you to last minute content changes?

Whilst we try to have final versions of all of the content and questions programmed and approved prior to the show day – we know that this is sometimes not possible.

That’s why we always do our best to be as flexible and accommodating as we can - especially when making any last minute changes etc. to presentations.

We will always strive to do our upmost to ensure that your event is a success and that your delegates and presenters receive an outstanding service.

Can I purchase an audience response system from you?

We are dedicated suppliers of The TurningPoint Audience Response System and you can find out more about purchase a system by clicking here.

Do you work overseas?

Because of the portability of our interactive audience response system, we can work at any event - no matter where it’s located!

We’ have worked at many different events and venues all over the World and we'’re very experienced in working & dealing with international clients - therefore we're flexible and will always be happy to work to your time zone.

Is there a minimum number of handsets I can hire?

No there is no minimum amount of handsets that you can hire for your event.

How do I program my interactive questions?

You will need to use the TurningPoint Audience Response software to program you interative questions. You may download your free version of the software by clicking here.

When will the keypads be delivered?

We would typically deliver the system to you a day or so before your event. This will give you time to test and rehearse using the hardware and software.

We would suggest programming your presentation prior to receiving the hardware from us. You may test slides with the hardware using the 'simulated polling feature' on the TurningPoint toolbar.

Do you lease handsets?

I'm afraid we don't lease handsets at this time. But if you would like to purchase your own system you may contact us for a tailored quotation.

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