Why use an Interactive Presentation?

Avoid 'Death by PowerPoint'!

Audience Response for Events
  • Involving participants is proven to increase memory retention by three to five times.
  • Interaction increases interest and participation.
  • Instantly displaying the results of participant voting increases involvement and enjoyment for both participants and presenters.
  • Having instant results means quality discussion on gaps in thinking that have been raised, (more relevant and accurate feedback and more relevant involvement).
  • Post-event reports can provide invaluable information and details for reviewing, evaluation and comparison, at a fraction of the cost of market research…its part of the package, not extra.
Interactive PowerPoint voting

Utilise Audience Response at Your Event

Use Audience Participation when you want to:

Use our Audience Response System For:

  • Share information with a group, and establish that it has been understood
  • Perform case study's, Training, workshops, evaluations & product launches
  • Gain information from a group quickly and accurately
  • Develop ideas with a group, promote involvement and ‘Q & A’
  • Count votes with speed and accuracy and present the results instantaneously
  • Promote discussion, create a challenge and involve a group with each other
  • Meetings & Conferences
  • Motivational events
  • Staff Conferences
  • Team building
  • Quizzes
  • Knowledge Testing
  • Motivational Events
  • Staff Training
  • Council Voting
  • AGM’s & Elections

What is an Audience Response System?

Simply stated, it is a combination of hardware and software designed to add interactivity to meetings, conferences, classrooms or other group interactions.

There are a range of terms used to describe an Audience Response System - sometimes referred to as its acronym ARS, Electronic Voting System, Audience Response or Student Response System.

Our electronic voting system gives each member of your audience a voice and allows them to be actively engaged, relay their levels of understanding and share their opinions via the use of our interactive credit-card sized wireless voting keypads.

Audience Response gives everyone a voice

There are many reasons for the use of audience response systems (ARS). The tendency to answer based on crowd psychology is reduced because, unlike hand raising, it is very difficult to see which selection others are making. The ARS also allows for faster tabulation of answers for large groups than manual methods.

How do Audience Response Systems work?

Each person in the audience is issued a wireless keypad handset with which voting selections can be made. Each voting pad communicates wirelessly via a USB receiver which is connected to a voting computer. When the participants have answered and the voting has closed the aggregated data/results can be instantly displayed 'on the main screen' (usually via a data projector or plasma screens).

voting technology for events
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