TurningPoint - Key Features

Why choose the TurningPoint audience response system?

Smart, proven hardware

Audience Response System

Simple & Intuitive

TurningPoint Audience Response PowerPoint

Powerful free software

TurningPoint voting system

Small & Portable

Turningpoint student response system

How can I use TurningPoint response technology?

  • Confirm retention of materials during compliance and safety training
  • Assess before and after knowledge with pre- and post-testing of material
  • Create interactive orientation programs to elicit employee engagement
  • Track individual performance during continuing education courses
  • Provide a snapshot of participants with attendance and demographic data
  • Vote and make decisions quickly during stakeholder or leadership meetings
  • Gather opinions anonymously, choose to display or hide results
  • Eliminate paper voting for elections, planning or budgeting initiatives
  • Run teambuilding activities with individual or team competitions and games
  • Involve offsite attendees with web or remote polling to reduce travel costs

Benefits of using TurningPoint

TurningPoint for Education & Training:

  • Create an active learning environment rather than passive listening
  • Improve alertness, satisfaction and performance
  • Identify and check Students understanding
  • Improve memory retention
  • Add interactivity and discussion opportunities to keep students engaged.
  • Increase attentiveness and comprehension.
  • Seamlessly combine instruction with evaluation and assessment.
  • Efficiently track and report group and individual results.
  • Increase your effectiveness as a presenter and trainer.
  • Involve everyone and enjoy the experience without any embarrassment
  • Analyse data and responses with easy to use reporting tools
  • No software license fees

TurningPoint for Business & Government Organisations

  • You can obtain anonymous or registered feedback, segmented by demographics and opinions
  • Receive instantaneous feedback and see in real-time what people think in an anonymous aggregated graph
  • Understand what your audience knows by asking what they think on issues tailor your presentation to their needs
  • Discuss differences in opinion and promote group discussions, exploring gaps in thinking
  • Involve everyone and enjoy the experience without any embarrassment - guaranteed to keep groups interested and involved in your presentation
  • Generate reports and analyse data - question results can be cross-tabulated with other questions and demographics to produce filtered data and information
  • Correct answers and marking or grading schemes can be used for quick and easy performance evaluation, audits and reporting.
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